Monday, March 28, 2011


So tour was AWESOME!!!
THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT AND SUPPORTED US!  We really appreciated everything, hospitality, food, comradery, beers, floors, old faces, show spaces, new friends, shared bass amps, conversations, donations, all the Bitches and/or all the Dykes, etc, etc, etc. And esp to Randy for filling in for Hannah while she was recovering and Amelia Jackie (the molasses gospel) for joining us for the good times.   

We sold out of all our lady justice with the strap-on shirts before we even reached Brooklyn or Philly!  We'll be printing more this month.  You can contact us at, if you're interested. Pictures of these prized items up later ;)

April 14th we'll be recording!  Get excited!  We're planning on releasing our demo out in May.


April 24th we'll have the pleasure of playing with Songs for Moms at the Panda Pile (412 Cedar st) in Greensboro

April 30th we'll be playing at the Pinhook in Durham with Resister (it's their last show ;( ) and also our favorite Illy duo, Trophy Wife.

May 24th we'll be showing at Legitimate Business (1317 Grove St, Greensboro, NC) with Lovers

ALSO we're taking invitations for our SULTRYsmartSEXYsensibleSICKsmolderingSENSUALstrong Summer Tour limited to the month of JUNE!

In other news, Hannah played her first show with us in two months on the 24th.  She's a total ruler!  She went to the ER earlier that day and still worked it out to play with us!  We were pleased to present Legitimate Business with their first all-lady punk bill that night with many thanks to Sexhair from portland, oregon and Slutever from illy, pa. 

We'll leave you with a tiny taste of what's to come.  Here's a video Betsy from Pink Flag captured of us while on tour:

on a sour note: we do not thank agent karen soskin for kicking off a bill we were asked to play :( at bard college.  
 On a sweet note Anthea and Claire were invited to play their acoustic project, Onyx Black Heart, for Amelia's last night of tour with Widow and Yva Las Vegass. Couldn't have asked for a better night! Anthea took some videos of these gals, expect some video postings later!!!!!

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