Monday, October 10, 2011


We moved to Portland, OR.
We're regrouping, be patient.

In the meanwhile, here's an update from summer:

Homoground put on on their Idapalooza podcast here.
You can also help support Ida by buying our music from them here.

We volunteered at Queer Rock Camp in Olympia, WA in August
Here's an interview with two of the directors from QRC in Bitch Magazine (we get a shout out!)

We got blogged about on Puzzle Pieces

We have Tapes and Cds (our 2011 demo), Shirts, Buttons, and Patches!
contact for more info.

Two graphics for shirts: lady justice and FDB nun

 Big thanks to Billie Belo (for buttons galore) and Carli Cox (help finishing the design of lady justice)!
Also Lenny Adler for helping us screen print most of the shirts and patches

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