Friday, March 15, 2013


new songs / new recordings
we hope you like them

Big thanks to Joey for recording/mastering.  You rock!


Also we wanted to touch on our band name and sort out any misunderstanding.  If you have any questions about what we've written below.  We can be reached at

The name Fucking Dyke Bitches is a reclamation. It was a slur used by our neighbor in reference to the people living in our house. We decided to name our band fucking dyke bitches as a response to the homophobic atmosphere and acceptance of such homophobia in the south*. It would be careless of us to not acknowledge that the name remains, as it was first perceived, an anti-gay slander. We ask that those of you who identify as queer to call us lovingly by our full name, Fucking Dyke Bitches (even those who do not identify with the word dyke). And those of you who identify outside of a queer prerogative** please refer to us simply as F.D.B. The name Fucking Dyke Bitches needs to be recognized as a fully loaded negative aggression that was meant to belittle and hurt us. Our name is not intended to be fun to say. It is not edgy and exciting to us. As language is a complicated thing, we beg our listeners to be fully conscious of the intentions behind their words. Perceiving our bodies as feminine does not mean we should be labeled as girls. Our "crude" band name does not condone usage of the word bitch either. Fucking Dyke Bitches is a statement for queer celebration and a nod at the things we want to see change.

*acceptance of homophobia refers to the general self acceptance of homophobia by queers and internalized homophobia (which is not just a problem in the south).

**what's is outside the queer prerogative you ask? It cannot be defined simply. My first thoughts would be people who are not LGBTQIQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Intersex, Questioning, Asexual) identified, but also a heteronormative cisgendered straight identified capitalist/person who hasn't the faintest idea about what the big deal is or isn't.

It's hard to define the term queer. It's defined differently by many people and we aren't saying this definition is the only one. Loosely it's a term that defines our struggle to break out of rigid gender and sexual norms and a term used to express who we want to be without the fear of rejection and being misunderstood. It's something flexible and fluid and that's what makes it so important and unique.

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